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Can you imagine what the world would be like if we lived in a world of "Yes I Can! Can!" Meaning all doubts and fears of insecurity suddenly vanished. What you thought was impossible suddenly became possible. Now these are those fears and insecurities that have been hidden in the back recesses of your mind. You always wanted to be this example: lawyer, doctor, singer, writer, but your fears paralyzed you and you could not move forward. You seemed to be hindered and afraid to embrace your authentic hearts desires and your destiny based on fear. Truth be told it starts with you. God has give you everything you need within yourself to be the best you can be. We sabotage our own life by doubting our own abilities and gifts. I once heard something that resonated with my spirit. "Nothing Beats a Failure Like A Try." In reality what do you have to lose when it come to trying to lay hold of your destiny? Why not try? As long as you are living and breathing there is a possibility to achieve your desires. Now this doesn't mean that everything is handed to you on a silver platter. Everything in life cost something, even if its time that you have to put in. Some things in life that you desire you will find are truly worth sacrificing for. So why not start your day with a new beginning of Yes I Can Can! The second Can is a double reconfirmation of believing and trusting your own instinct that you can, and cancelling out all fear and doubt. It will begin with you, and end with you taking the very first step into you God's-Given Destiny with "I Can."


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