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When it comes to the 4th of July Celebration, there is nothing more magical than celebrating this day with the one you love. This day should be changed to the Lover's Holiday. No matter where you are on this day it seems to exude exhilarating romance. It is hard to define why this day seems to spark so much romance and fireworks. Is it the warm temperatures of summer, is it the smell of beautiful flowers in the air. What is it that makes it euphoric? Is it the pure excitement and carefree freedom that one feels inside on this day that it seems like everyone puts all business and problems aside. Who knows for sure, but whatever it is, the endorphins and adrenaline seem to pave the way for amorous affection. Maybe the thrill of the spectacular firework shows that causes all of us to let go of the ooo and ahhhhh as we watch in amazement of the colorful displays. What is it that you want to be in the arms of the one you love as you look up to the dancing sky in merriment. Well, there is nothing absolutely nothing more romantic than the exuberant color that makes your heart and soul muse with amazement. These fireworks spark passion and seem to emboss its impression on the heart leaving a lasting impression.


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