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Fall Season & Falling In Love!

The canopy of autumn colors is mesmerizing to the soul. When the summer season changes with the brisk cool air of autumn it has a way of warming the heart, a coziness ensues. Fall seems to bring lovers closer together. There is an amazing bonding that takes place when the weather changes. Bundled up in coats and scarves with gloves in hand, people seem to naturally gravitate towards one another. From sipping warm ginger-spiced tea to hot bowls of soup there just seems something so comforting about being nestled together. This fall season causes love to stir.

The exuberance of falling in love is easily welcomed when two people feel overwhelmingly comfortable with one another. The doors of attraction have already been opened, but falling in love has many layers. First, the coy shyness in the beginning then that mutual attraction moves desire towards passion. Passion leads to vulnerability and vulnerability moves to commitment. Each step increases transparency, honesty, love, and faithfulness. Most people are afraid that after they get this close with their emotions they don't know if it will be reciprocated. In falling in love you want to make sure your partner is going to catch you and love you back, and that you both are on the same page in the relationship.

It's important to know that you both want the same things and that you both are headed in the same direction. One person may truly only want friendship yet the other person may want more. No one in the relationship should ever be left wanting, and no one should be giving more than the other. Love should gently ease into such oneness that everything about it feels normal and complete. As love evolves into the committed stage, the most tremendous thing takes place. You find that you would not want to spend your life with any other person than the one that you are with. They become your everything, your thoughts and actions are centered around their happiness in a very healthy way. Your love wants to embrace them and this soul connection is what the deepest part of falling in love is all about. You begin to feel that this person is your destiny, and a beautiful relationship is truly formed.

Out of this deep love comes a reverence and respect for the relationship and this makes "Falling in Love so Wonderful.


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