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Virtue Is Not Lost!

In a world where everything seems to be focused on chaos, confusion, and pain, there are still remnants of true virtue and love. All is not lost in the madness of the world that seems to be consistently evolving and changing. There are wholesomeness and virtuous thoughts that still compel people to do good to one another. To hold onto brotherly compassion and offer a lending hand of grace and mercy. Virtue is not something that comes and goes like the wind, virtue is trueness to oneself that you will have compassion and care for another human being not because you have to, but because its the right thing to do. Hatered doesn't benefit anyone. Hatred is an uncontrollable force, birthed from envy and a corrupted heart. But it is by choice and free will that we choose the good above the evil. To be able to pray and encourage one another gives us the power to overcome fear, and obstacles and all levels of adversity. Perfect love cast out all fear. It breaks down barrier walls of separations, and mends all fences. Truly as long as we are breathing upon the earth we have the opportunity to show goodness and virtue. With a deep-seated love for one another kindness abounds, courage and honesty conquer and "True Virtue" is not lost but is the true treasure that is hidden within all of us.


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