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The Lord Of The Harvest!

The Lord’s Harvest is a "Cornucopia" of goodness and blessings. Some of God’s promises are abundant life. This doesn’t just exist in riches and wealth, but true prosperity and abundance come from a life of spiritual blessings such as joy, health, and happiness, this is an internal blessing. Externally God has the power to also bless the work of your hands, that you become exceedingly fruitful. However, to be full of spiritual love is one of the greatest blessings that we can possess and have upon this earth. To live in a world that is really at peace and in harmony and unity is another harvest blessing of the Lord. Sometimes in life when we get caught up with the daily grind of everyday life, we fail to see all of the Lord’s blessings surrounding us. The Lord waters the earth with is abundant rains, and sends for the sun to energize the soil and produce the incredible crops of a plentiful and fruitful harvest. No matter where you turn The Lord’s Blessings are ever-present. Thanksgiving is that wonderful time to muse in the special goodness of God’s grace while enjoying the beautiful love of family.


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