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All In The Family

When it comes to family it really isn't just your bloodline that makes you family. There is something more deeper that creates this true family bond. With the onset of the latest trend, people around the world are going through a family identity search. People are exploring through their DNA to find out who they really are, where they have come from, and who they are connected too. Because of this new found curiosity made available through Ancestory.Com this trend has exploded on the scene and there is a wild frenzy for people to find out their true identity. However, unfortunately for some people it has become a bittersweet experience. While others may have a heartwarming jubilant experiences, others have shaken to the core in grief and despair, due to deceptions that were hidden in their past. We all of this new found information there is something that all must reflect on, whether your answers come in a bitter or sweet revelation. The wonderful aspect of all of this is to challenge yourself that once you do find out who you are, and whom you are connected to biologically will it make a difference or will you have an incredible sense of family. What will come from from you is a choice. You must acknowledge that what really makes a person truly family is the four-letter word, Love. Love is the true bridge that connects people. Its the true power and force that can heal all wounds, and bless the life of every human being, tying them together in the cords of love. Love Heals All and Conquers All. Binding the family together, whether its in the DNA or Not. "All in the Family" is about Love.


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